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A guide for departments to use when processing Payroll Time Reporting (PTR) transactions.
PTR Manual
Payroll time reporting is a module of the Personnel/Payroll system that was designed to allow departments to enter or record time on-line. Links to the various sections of the manual and reference information and an overview of the Payroll Time Reporting system are provided below. 
A.  SYSTEM FEATURES More information
 A01. Screens
 A02. Navigation
 A03. Entering Data
 A04. System Messages
 A05. Help
 A07. Printing
 A08. Screen Samples
B.  TIME COLLECTION More information
 B01. Reporting Time
 B02. Policies & the FLSA
C.  CHECK LIST & ROSTER More information
 C01. IDTC Function
 C02. Entering Time on the Roster
 C03. EDB & Roster
D.   EDAT MENU More information
 D01. Overview of Adjustments (EDAT)
 D02. Additional Pay (EDAP)
 D03. One Time Payment (EDFT)
 D04. Leave Hours Adjustment (EDLA)
 D05. Late/Reduce Pay (EDLR)
 D06. Retroactive Pay (EDRA)
 D07. Expense Transfer Overview
 D08. Single Transfer (EDTS)
 D09. Mass Transfer (EDTM)
 D10. UPAY 646-4 Form
 D11. Transaction List (IDTL)
E.   SPECIAL PROCESSES More information
 E00. Introduction to Special Processes
 E01. Dual Employment
 E02. Education Expense Reimbursements
 E03. Employee Death Payments
 E04. Staff Achievement and Recognition Awards
 E05. Multicampus & Intercampus
 E06. Invalid Accounts
 E07. Moving Expense Reimbursements
 E08. Overpayments and Credits
 E09. Rush Checks
 E10. Relocation Allowance
 E11. Settlement Agreements
 E12. Summer Sessions
 E13. Workers' Compensation
 E14. Z Payments
 E15. Catastrophic Leave
 E16. Final Pay For Terminating Employees
 E17. START Payments
F.  LEAVE ACCRUAL More information
 F01. Overview of Leave Accrual
 F02. Reporting Leave Usage
 F03. Leave Accrual Reports
 F04. Leave Accrual Adjustments
 F05. Prorating Leave Usage
G.  LINKS & REFERENCE More information
 G01. Staff Personnel Information
 Departmental List of DOS Codes
 EDLR Worksheet (DOC)
 Field/Screen Cross Reference
 Monthly Working Hours
 No check on Payday?
 Payroll Staff Directory
 PPS Schedule
 Return Check Form (PDF)
This manual is not intended as a stand-alone training document. Users who will be entering data through the use of Payroll Time Reporting must also attend training sessions which will provide policy information and experience in use of the system.
Online Payroll Time Reporting Overview

There are two main functions within Payroll time reporting that departmental preparers will use in order to record time for employees and process corrections. The function codes (IDTC and EDAT) can be found on the On-line Applications Main Menu under the heading of Payroll Time Reporting.

UCMMNU0-M1184                Online Applications              12/18/YY 13:58:54
                                  Main Menu                    Userid:  ABCDE
 --- Employee Data Base ----              ----- PAN Subsystem -------
   IEDB  Central Inquiry                    PSRV  PAN Services Menu
   IDDB  Departmental Inquiry              -- Payroll Time Reporting --
   EEDB  EDB Entry/Update                   ETHF  THF Entry/Update
   IDOC  Employee Documents                 IDTC  Dept Time Collect
  --- Payroll Audit Record ---              EDAT  Dept Adj Trans
   IPAR  Inquiry
   IPAY  Departmental Inquiry              ------ CSER Subsystem ------
  ---- Abeyance Data Base ----              EFCR  Encumbrance Entries
   SPCL  Special Processes                 -----   Central Office  ----
  ---- History Data Base -----              EDEM  Misc. Deduct. - Mass
   IHDB  Record Inquiry/Update             --- System Administration --
   IHIS  Personnel History                  UCSA  Entry/Update
   IHHR  History Documents
  -- Employment Verification -
   IVER  Verification
 Next Func:      ID:           Name:                            SSN:
  F:  1-Help      2-Jump
  F:                                                             12-Exit

Department Time Collection

The function IDTC-Department Time Collection is the main function that will be used to enter time for employees. IDTC allows the department to produce a checklist of all employees who are due to be paid for a certain pay period and also allows departmental preparers to access a roster in order to enter the hours an employee worked or used leave. In order for an employee’s record to be listed on the check list or the roster, the information on the EDB must match the selection criteria entered on the Time Collection Criteria Screen and the Time Reporting code on the employee’s record must indicate that the employee is paid via on-line time reporting. The two time codes that indicate on-line time reporting are "R" which indicates that the employee is paid on an exception time basis (generally those employees paid on Sub account 1 or 0) via on-line time reporting and "Z" which indicates that the employee is paid on a positive time basis via on-line time reporting.

Most employees on campus will be paid via on-line time reporting. There are some units at UCLA that submit pay transactions on a tape or through a line transfer. The time codes on the EDB for these employees may be "P" or "R". Employee records which have a time code of "P" on the EDB will NOT be displayed on the roster or checklist. If an employee name is not displayed on the check list or roster, EDB Inquiry screens should be reviewed to make sure the employee’s record matches the selection criteria and the time code on the record is either "R" or "Z". If a correction needs to be made to the information on the EDB, consult with the EDB preparer and process the correction (or have the EDB preparer process it). Corrections/changes to the EDB will not be reflected immediately on the roster -- it will take until the next day for a change to the EDB to reflect on the roster.

Department Adjustment Transaction Menu

The function EDAT-Department Adjustment Transaction menu will be accessed in order to process corrections or adjustments to employees’ pay records. Corrections can be made for additional pay, late pay, reductions in pay, rate adjustments, leave usage, leave balances, and incorrect FAUs using the functions listed on the EDAT menu. Transactions can be entered at any time as long as they are entered by the deadline to process the transaction for a particular payday. The EDAT menu can also be used to process special check requests.

Note: You may come across a printed version of this manual in your office or department. This on-line version has been updated substantially since the printed manual was last produced and it reflects more current policies and procedures. Any remaining copies of the printed version of the manual are obsolete and should be discarded.

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