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A guide for departments to use when processing Payroll Time Reporting (PTR) transactions.


The IDTL function is an inquiry function which provides a list of the transactions that have been entered through the functions on the EDAT menu. It may also include transactions scheduled by a central office such as adjustments to deductions.

PPITTL0-E0967               Dept. Time Reporting              11/17/YY 11:35:14
 11/17/YY 21:49:37          THF - Transaction List             Userid:  ABCDE
 ID: 852258852 Name: LIST,LUCY                                  Emp Status: A
 Pay End: 11/30/YY Check Date: 12/01/YY Pay Cycle:  MO            Page  1 of 1
   Seq     Per. End    Pay Cycle   Check Date    Tran                       
   00047   11/30/YY        MO       12/01/YY      E1                   
   00048   11/30/YY        MO       12/01/YY      E2                       
   00049   11/30/YY        MO       12/01/YY      E3                         
   00050   11/30/YY        MO       12/01/YY      AP                        
   00051   11/30/YY        MO       12/01/YY      FT                         

 Next Func:      ID: 852258852 Name:                            SSN:         
 Seq No:        Pay Cycle: MO Pay End: 1130YY                                
 F:   1-Help      2-Jump      3-PrevMenu                                     
 F:                                                              12-Exit

The IDTL screen can be accessed in one of two ways:

  1. Enter IDTL and the employee number.
  2. Enter IDTL, the employee number, the pay cycle, and pay end date from the schedule.

If the first method is used for accessing the IDTL screen, the screen will display a list of transactions already updated for the next scheduled payday. The F8 key can then be pressed to see a list of transactions already updated for other paydays on the IDTL screen and on the detail screen. If the second method is used to access the IDTL screen, only the transactions already updated for the pay cycle and pay day entered will be displayed.

Regardless of which method is used, the detail of the transaction can be viewed only if it is a "pay transaction" or "leave adjustment" which was entered through the EDAT menu. In other words, the actual detail of the transaction can only be viewed for transactions entered using the function codes of EDAP, EDFT, EDLA, EDLR, and EDRA.

To view the detail of the transaction, the user would move the cursor down the list by using the TAB key and when the cursor is next to the transaction the would like to view, the enter key should be pressed.

For example, on the screen above, sequence numbers 00047-00049 are lines from expense transfers so the detail of the transaction is not available for viewing. To view sequence number 50 which is an AP transaction, press the TAB key until the cursor is in front of sequence number 00050 and then press the enter key. The Additional Pay screen will be displayed showing the detailed information.

Note: If any other transaction had been processed with a transaction code of AP for the same payday, the detail of it would also be displayed on the EDAP screen.

The IDTL screen will display the following:

AP Additional Pay EDAP Yes
E1 Transfer From EDTS,EDTM No
E2 Benefits EDTS,EDTM No
E3 Transfer To EDTS,EDTM No
FT One Time Payment EDFT Yes
LA Leave Adjustment EDLA Yes
LX Late Pay EDLR Yes
RA Rate Adjustment EDRA Yes
RX Reduce Pay EDLR Yes

The IDTL screen can be used to check and make sure that a transaction is scheduled to be processed for a particular payday. It is not a guarantee that a paycheck will be issued to an employee. A credit could be processed which could totally wipe out any pay processed for an employee. Employees may also have large deductions processed against scheduled pay checks.

In order to determine whether an employee is receiving a check on payday, the IDCA screen should be reviewed on-line. (Refer to PPS Manual, Section 2.1-Payroll Audit Record and Section 4.0-Using IPAY for more information.) It is also important that departments regularly review the PPP5302 (Distribution of Payroll Expense) to make sure that the time sheets turned in by employees match the charges to department funds.

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