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A guide for departments to use when processing Payroll Time Reporting (PTR) transactions.


The leave hours adjustment screen is used primarily to zero out the leave balance on the EDB record for an employee when the balance is less than one hour. ANY OTHER USE OF THIS SCREEN MAY HAVE FINANCIAL IMPACT FOR THE DEPARTMENT.

The leave balances that can be zeroed out on the EDLA screen if the balance is less than one hour are as follows:

Type of Leave Balance Element #
Vacation 5185
Sick 5186
Trip 5187

The balance must be zeroed out using the element number. If the balance on the EDB is negative, a plus (+) sign should be entered in the Sign column. If the balance on the EDB is positive, a minus (-) sign should be entered in the Sign column.

To zero out the leave balance on the EDB for an employee, access the EDLA screen for the appropriate employee. Enter the element number for the leave type that has a balance less than one hour in the Elmt field, enter the hours on the EDB to the sixth decimal place and enter the sign (in the example below, the employee has a negative .123456 vacation hours balance on the EDB so plus sign is entered to zero out the balance).

PPETLA0-E0967               Dept. Time Reporting              12/06/YY 16:53:32
 11/17/YY 23:03:06        Leave Hours Adjust. (EDLA)           Userid:  ABCDE   
 ID: 222111333 Name: ADJUSTMENT,LEAVE HOURS                     Emp Status: A  
 Pay End: 12/31/YY Check Date: 01/02/YY Pay Cycle:  MO            Page  1 of  1
 C Seq    Elmt   Hours      S Elmt   Hours      S Elmt   Hours      S           
    00002 5185   .123456    +                                                   
 Next Func:      ID: 222111333 Name:                            SSN:            
 Seq No:        Pay Cycle: MO Pay End: 1231YY                                   
 U0001  Input accepted                                                          
 F:   1-Help      2-Jump                              5-CANCEL                  
 F:                           9-UPDATE

The enter key should be pressed to format the balance and display any error messages and then the F9 key should be pressed to update the transaction. The post authorization notification comments entry screen will then be displayed. The preparer should enter comments explaining the transaction such as those shown below.

UCECOM0-E0863               PostAuth Notification             12/06/YY 16:53:32
                                Comments Entry                Userid:  ABCDE   
                                                                  Page 01 of 01
App: EDB Tran:       Userid: ABCDE     Date: 12/06/YY  Time: 17:41:27          
PAY - EDLA                              222111333 ADJUSTMENT,LEAVE HOURS
Description of Content:                                                        
---------------------------------- Comments -----------------------------------
ABCDE      This employee separated effective Nov. 30th.  TVP was paid out.
           The system still shows a balance of -.123456 vacation
           hours on the EDB. This adjustment is being processed to zero
           out the balance.                                                      

Next Func:                                                                     
 F:  1-Help                  3-Return                                          
 F:                          9-Update   10-NotfPrep 11-Detail

The next step would be to press the F9 key again to update the transaction and send out the PAN. The IHRS and ILAH screens in EDB inquiry should show a zero balance for the vacation hours on the day the "IPAY Screens Available to Verify Payments" (Refer to the current PPS Schedule). If more than one balance needs to be zeroed out, the other fields on the screen would be completed in the same manner.

Once the update process is completed, the EDLA will be displayed again with a message that the "Update process complete". Once the transaction is completed, the preparer should take one of the following actions:

More information on the use of the EDLA screen can be found in Section F4.8.

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