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A guide for departments to use when processing Payroll Time Reporting (PTR) transactions.


The following steps should be followed for reporting time in the Payroll Time Reporting System:

  1. Consult the current PPS Schedule to determine the last day to enter time for the pay period.
  2. Collect time records from employees and verify the hours.  Refer to PPS Manual Section C1.4 for information on Time Record Requirements.
  3. Compare the time records with the checklist produced from the IDTC screen (see Section C1.1) to verify that all time records have been received and that all employees scheduled to be paid for that time period appear on the checklist. Have the EDB preparer update the EDB to add appointments and distributions for any employees not listed on the checklist.
  4. Determine if employees are eligible for overtime pay, shift differential, or any other type of pay based on the shift worked, the total number of hours worked in the workweek, and according to the applicable policies or bargaining agreements. Refer to Policies Affecting Time Reporting (below) and FLSA Requirements Affecting Time Reporting (below).
  5. For employees paid monthly, convert the total number of regular hours and shift hours (if any) to a percentage of the month (% time).
    1. First total the regular hours worked.
    2. Next calculate the number of working hours in the month by taking the number of working days in the month times 8.
    3. Take the total regular hours worked and divide by the total working hours in the month to get the percent time.
    4. If the employee worked any shift hours, follow the same process by dividing the total number of shift hours worked by the total working hours in the month to get the percent time.


    Total hours worked/Total working hours in month = % time.

  6. Select the Time Input Roster from the IDTC screen (See Section C1.2) and:
  7. Check to see if there are any adjustments that need to be made for any prior pay periods. If so, enter adjustment transactions using screens from the EDAT menu. (See Section A8 to determine which screen to use and Section D for specific instructions.)
  8. Enter comments on PANs that clearly describe the reasons for the transactions being processed.
  9. File and retain time records and source documents in accordance with record retention policies. Refer to PPS Manual Section C1.4 for information on Time Record Requirements.
  10. Check IPAY screens the day following the pay compute, if needed, to verify payments made to employees. Refer to PPS Manual Section C2.1 and C4.0 for information on the IPAY screens.

Departments should also encourage employees to verify the information on their paychecks and direct deposit advices.  This is especially important for new employees and when changes are made to an employee's record such as a change to a deduction, benefit plan or pay rate.  Refer to PPS Manual, Section C3.0 for samples of the direct deposit advice and paycheck stub.

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