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A guide on the various databases, tables, reports and security features within the Personnel Payroll System (PPS).
PPS Manual
The PPS Manual contains information on the Employee Data Base (EDB), the History Data Base (HDB), Pay and Leave Processing, Reporting including month and year end processing, Access and Security, and Resources and Related Systems. The manual provides an overview of all the processes within the Personnel/Payroll System.  Links to the various sections of the manual and reference information and an overview of the PPS are provided below. 
A.  EMPLOYEE DATABASE (EDB) More information
 A01. Updating Data
 A02. EDB Inquiry
 A03. Employee Information
 A04. Using IDDB (Departmental Inquiry)
 A05. Printing Documents
 A06. Web EDB Inquiry
B.  HISTORY DATA BASE (HDB) More information
 B01. Overview of the HDB
 B02. Using IHDB & UHDB
 B03. Using IHIS
 B04. Printing History Documents
 B05. HDB Data Values
C.  TIME REPORTING More information
 C01. Transaction Holding File Data
 C02. The Pay Compute
 C03. Check Stubs/Direct Deposit Advices
 C04. Using IPAY
D.   REPORTING More information
 D01. Month End
 D02. Year End
 D03. Personnel/Payroll Query Data Base
 D04. PPS Reports
E.  ACCESS & SECURITY More information
 E01. Access To The PPS
 E02. Security Features
 E03. Accountability
 E04. Using PAN
 F01. Central Offices
 F02. Training Classes
 F03. Other Systems
G.  REFERENCE More information
 Biweekly Payroll Calendar Description
 Biweekly Payroll Calendar (PDF)
 Departmental DOS Code List
 Employer Benefits Contribution Rates
 Payday Calendar
 Payroll Services Staff Directory
 PPS Glossary
 PPS Schedule
The Personnel/Payroll System (PPS) contains various databases, tables, reports, and security features which allows departments to enter and update employee related data, access information on-line or in a report, and give access to those employees within the organization who need access. Within the PPS, there are several databases or subsystems that departments can use in order to process personnel actions, generate pay for employees, and produce reports for employees or about the employees in the organization. The on-line applications main menu for the Personnel/Payroll system is shown below:
UCMMNU0-M1325                Online Applications              05/21/YY 19:58:01
                                  Main Menu                    Userid:  ABCDE   
  ---- Employee Data Base ----             ------ PAN Subsystem -------         
   IEDB  Central Inquiry                    PSRV  PAN Services Menu             
   IDDB  Departmental Inquiry              -- Payroll Time Reporting --         
   EEDB  EDB Entry/Update                   ETHF  THF Entry/Update              
   IDOC  Employee Documents                 IDTC  Dept Time Collect             
  --- Payroll Audit Record ---              EDAT  Dept Adj Trans                
   IPAR  Inquiry                           ---- Abeyance Data Base ----         
   IPAY  Departmental Inquiry               SPCL  Special Processes             
  ---- History Data Base -----             ------ CSER Subsystem ------         
   IHDB  Record Inquiry/Update              EFCR Encumbrance Entries            
   IHIS  Personnel History                 --- ID Number Subsystem ----         
   IHHR  History Documents                  EDEM  ID Numbers Main Menu          
                                           --- System Administration --         
                                            UCSA  Entry/Update                  
  -- Employment Verification -                                                  
   IVER  Verification                                                           
 Next Func:      ID:           Name:                            SSN:            
  F:  1-Help      2-Jump                                                        
  F:                                                             12-Exit

The following applications are all part of the PPS:

  • The Employee Data Base (EDB) contains information for individual employees such as pay rate, title, begin and end date, hire date, birth date, address, benefits, W-4 exemptions, and other information related to the employee. Each active employee record on the EDB should have at least one appointment and one distribution. Appointments are established to define the terms and conditions of employment with the University. Distributions are established to define how the employee is paid. Most of the data on the EDB is current.
  • The Payroll Audit Record (PAR) contains transactions that were processed through the pay compute process for an individual employee. Up to one year's worth of transactions can be found in the Payroll Audit Record.
  • The History Data Base (HDB) contains historical personnel data for individual employees.
  • Employment Verification (IVER) uses both the EDB and HDB information to produce a printed Employment verification for employees.
  • A web version of Post Audit Notification (PAN) was implemented at UCLA to provide an audit log of transactions that were processed on-line and a PAN notice to departmental reviewer(s).  In addition, AIS developed the DACSS Distributed Access system which is used by many of the on-line applications on campus. DACSS is a mechanism for the department security administrator to grant access to the on-line applications with the approval of the Chief Administrative Officer.
  • Payroll Time Reporting (PTR) contains screens used by departments and central offices to update the transaction holding file with transactions for employees that should be processed for specific paydays.
  • Committed Salary Expenditure Reporting (CSER) Subsystem is used by departments to manually enter salary and benefit costs for personnel actions not yet recorded on the EDB for inclusion in the CSER process.
  • The Abeyance Data Base is used by Payroll Services to process adjustments requested by the department.
  • The ID Number Subsystem is not used at UCLA. UCLA has its own ID system (UID) which is also used by other systems at UCLA.
  • Most of the functions in System Administration (UCSA) are used by Payroll Services, however, there is one function that may be used by departments to select a printer in order to print notices to employees, employment verifications, and/or a Payroll time reporting check list.

Personnel/Payroll System Process

The Personnel/Payroll system process begins when an employee is hired by a UCLA department or organization. The new employee then reports to work, fills out the necessary paperwork, and begins to work. The EDB is then updated by the department and the process begins.  A diagram of how the PPS process should work is shown below.


Diagram of PPS Process (16137 bytes)

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