UCLA Payroll Services

A guide on the various databases, tables, reports and security features within the Personnel Payroll System (PPS).


Once access is granted to any of the systems on campus, the user logs on by entering OASIS, a logon ID and a password. The first screen the user will see is the OASIS menu shown below. Each system is listed separately on the menu and so the person accessing each system might think that they are not related.  In fact, many of these systems actually share data or have data that is passed from one system to another.

UCLA-AIS                           OASIS   MENU                        01/08/YY
 AISMENU                                                                15:38:45

         Use cursor to select application OR type Transaction ID: ____

             Student Information Systems                     (SIS )
             Financial Systems                               (FS00)
             Contract and Grant Information System           (GC00)
             Purchasing and Accounts Payable System          (AP00)
             Personnel/Payroll System                        (PPP )
             University Relations PAIS System                (AMDF)
             Medical Center PAIS System                      (AMMC)
             Events System                                   (EVM )
             UCLA ID System                                  (UIDS)
             DACSS/ASAP Distributed Access Systems           (DA01)
             Report Distribution System                      (RDS )
             Staffing List System                            (SLS )
             Administrative Cashiering System                (ACS )

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Below is a diagram that shows how data is actually shared by the different systems on campus. The Personnel/Payroll System with all its various databases and components are in the center and around the outside are some of the other systems that the PPS interfaces with. If there is a two-way arrow, data or a message is passed back and forth. If there is a single arrow, the information only goes one way.

For example, the Student Information system passes information on Fee Remission, registered units, and work study limits through an interface with the PPS. The Student Information also checks the PPS to determine if graduate students have appointments which make them eligible for fee remission.

Many of the systems on campus exchange data with each other. If the data is incorrect in one system and it is shared data, it is usually incorrect in all the systems. It is possible, however, for data to be correct in one system and incorrect in another. Sometimes the system picking up the data from another system does not pick up the correct information.

When users log onto the different systems or look at information on reports, we ask that you keep in mind the relationship between the different systems on campus. The diagram below should help all users of any AIS mainframe system keep in mind that the different systems on campus are related and share information.

The PPS and the Other Systems at UCLA
Diagram of the PPS and Other Systems


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