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A guide on the various databases, tables, reports and security features within the Personnel Payroll System (PPS).


PAN is the post-authorization notification system designed by UCOP as part of the part of the base Personnel/Payroll system.   PAN is used to send notification(s) to the reviewers of PPS transactions (from the preparers) that an update has occurred and to send additional notifications to other interested parties.  In order to use PAN, the user must have the following:

To begin using PAN, enter the URL https://www.finance.ucla.edu/payroll/web-applications/pan-for-personnel-payroll-transactions in your web browser or click on the link.  Note:  Clicking on the link will open a new browser window.

The PAN home page will be displayed (shown below).  The user has the option to sign in with a valid Login ID and Password for AIS OASIS, Bruin Online (UCLA only) or QDB.  In each case, the user must enter the appropriate Login ID and Password.

Image of PAN Sign-in Screen

Once the user has successfully logged in, the PAN Main Menu will be displayed.  The following PAN options will be displayed on the Main Menu as hyperlinks which the user can select by clicking on the hyperlink:

PAN Main Menu

E4.1 The PAN Inbox

Reviewers should log into their PAN inbox at least once a day to review transactions.  To access the PAN inbox, the reviewer would click on the Inbox link on the PAN Main Menu.  The PAN inbox would then be displayed as shown below.

PAN Main Menu

The PAN inbox may be sorted by any one of the column headings by clicking on the column name.  The top or header of the PAN inbox screen contains information about the user, the time the user accessed the inbox, links to the main menu and logout.  The body of the PAN inbox contains the following columns:

  1. Delete - this checkbox should be marked if the user wishes to delete the notification from the inbox.  An unread mandatory notification may not be deleted.  Once the item has been marked for deletion, the user would click on the "Delete Button" to actually remove the item from the inbox list.  It is recommended that items are deleted once they are reviewed by the reviewer.  The transactions will be kept in the PAN log indefinitely.
  2. Status/Type - The valid values for the the status and type (of Reviewer) are shown below.  The preparer might mark a transaction as urgent during the update process.  In the inbox displayed above, two of the transactions were marked as urgent.  The Type of Reviewer appears in what looks like the 4th column in the inbox shown above.

  3. Doc Type - The document type refers to the system that generated the PAN.  The two types of transactions generated by the PPS are as follows:
  4. DOC ID - The document ID is the employee number and the employee's name.  Clicking on the employee number will open the text of the notification.
  5. Actions/Subject - The action is based on the action code entered at the time the transaction was processed and/or the type of transaction that was processed.
  6. Date - The date that the transaction was processed.
  7. Preparer - The name of the person that processed the transaction.
  8. Comments - Comments added by the preparer will be displayed in this column.

E4.2 Notification Selection

The notification selection screen allows the user to access the entire PAN Audit log and select notifications to review based on criteria entered by the user.  It is recommended that reviewers periodically check the PAN Audit Log, using the Notification Selection screen, entering the criteria under which you would normally receive a PAN, to see if there are any transactions that bypassed your review.  Once the selection criteria has been entered, the user would click on the "Submit" button.  A list of notifications that match the criteria will be displayed similar to the list in the PAN inbox.

PAN Notification Selection Screen

E4.3 Audit Review

The audit review function provides a view of the PAN Audit Log by individual reviewer.  It will indicate the date that a reviewer has opened a PAN and can be used to monitor reviewer performance.    Once the selection criteria has been entered, a list will be generated which will be similar to the list in the PAN inbox.  One important difference is that the same notification could be listed more than once if there is more than one reviewer of the transaction.  Mandatory reviewers should be reviewing the transaction within 2 business days.  Note that there are two additional columns in the Audit Review view:

  1. Date Reviewed - Indicates the date that the transaction was opened FROM the PAN Inbox.  It is important that reviewers access the transaction to be reviewed initially from the PAN Inbox so that the system marks the transaction as reviewed.
  2. Days Unread in Queue - Displays the number of days that the notification has been in the reviewers PAN Inbox without being opened.

PAN Audit Review Screen

E4.4 The PAN

The PAN is made up of several sections.  A sample EDB Notification for a New Hire is shown below since it will typically contain the most sections.

Sample PAN Notification

Notification Header

The header section of the PAN contains information about the user, the date and time of access and links to the screens accessed in order to view the notification.  Since this notification was accessed from the Notification Selection screen, a "Return to Selection Results" link displays in addition to the Main Menu and Logout Links.  The header also contain information related to the employee record being viewed and the preparer of the transaction as well as a link to a printer-friendly version of the PAN.  The last line or row of the header section contains links to the subsequent sections of the notification.  If a user clicks on one of the "go to" links, the user would view immediately that section of the notification (if that section was not already in view).

Sample PAN Header

Notification Comments

The comments section of the PAN includes comments from the Preparer as well as comments from others who have reviewed the transaction and/or others who have added comments to the transaction.  The comments from the Preparer include the date of the transaction and the comment.  Comments added by others are identified with a series of five asterisks, the name of the person who added them, the date that the comments were added to the record and the comments themselves.

Sample PAN Comments

Notification - Main Body

In an EDB Notification, the main body of the PAN is made up of two parts:

  1. General Information
  2. Appointments and Distributions

EDB Notifications use the following formatting to identify changes:

In a PTR or Time Reporting Notification, the main body of the PAN Notification is made up of a single section - Pay Transactions.

EDB Notification - General Information

The General Information section for a new hire PAN is displayed below.

Sample EDB PAN - General Information

EDB Notification - Appointments and Distributions

The Appointments and Distributions section for a new hire PAN is displayed below.  In addition to the general formatting described above for EDB Notifications, the appointments and distributions section of the PAN will display a plus (+) sign in red on the left side of the screen for appointment and distribution information that was added to the EDB.

Sample EDB PAN - Appointments & Distributions

Time Reporting - Pay Transactions

The Pay Transactions section of an EDLR Time Reporting PAN is displayed below.

List of Reviewers

The list of Reviewers/Receivers section of the PAN contains information about the reviewer(s), a field to add comments to the PAN and a field for forwarding the notification.  It is important to keep in mind that any comments added to the PAN become part of the permanent record as well as any additional recipients added to the PAN.  Notifications forwarded from the PAN screen are forwarded in email.  Recipients must have a valid UCLA, UCOP or UC Merced address.

Sample EDB PAN - Appointments & Distributions

To add comments:

Note:  If you wish to forward the notice to someone after adding comments, make sure you have saved the comments prior to forwarding the PAN.

To forward the PAN:

Reset Button:

For more information on PAN please refer to the following web pages:

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