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A guide on the various databases, tables, reports and security features within the Personnel Payroll System (PPS).


The Personnel/Payroll system uses the same security system as other on-line applications are using and it is the same system that the DSA uses to give access to the PPS. The security system is called DACSS (Distributed Administrative Computing Security System). Some of the security features built into DACSS are as follows:

E2.1 PAN and ASAP

PAN stands for Post-Authorization Notification.    ASAP stands for Application System Authorization Process. PAN is used to send notification(s) to the reviewers (from the preparers) that an update has occurred and to send additional notifications to other interested parties. ASAP was used by UCLA for the same process prior to December 13, 2004.  There is a PAN log (for transactions updated beginning on December 13, 2004) and an ASAP log (for transactions updated prior to December 13, 2004) of all transactions that can be reviewed by anyone who has access to the file and access to the employee records contained in the log. 

Refer to the following for more information:

The PAN and ASAP log for PAC and TOF has no restrictions in it. If you have access to the log, you can view all the transactions in the log regardless of what organization processed the transactions. Access to the Payroll audit log is restricted by department, subdivision, division, or organization just like access to individual employee records is restricted.

The DSA in the department, subdivision, division, or organization, or a central office sets up the mandatory reviewers for each type of transaction using DACSS. Not all transactions require a notification. For example, updates to the Time Input Roster for an employee will not generate a notification, nor will changes to an employee’s address. The mandatory recipients (reviewers) CANNOT be changed by the preparer. The preparer can add additional recipients of the notification as long as the intended recipient has a valid EMAIL address in the PAN or ASAP directory.

The addresses in the PAN or ASAP directory are updated through a nightly interface with ORION. There is an employee in each organizational unit on campus who is responsible for updating ORION by maintaining current information (including the Email address and employee ID number) for all the employees in the organization in ORION. If a preparer is not listed in the PAN or ASAP directory -- the preparer will not be able to update the Personnel/Payroll System even if he/she has access to Entry/Update functions. A reviewer will not be able to receive notifications if he/she is not listed in the directory. It is VERY IMPORTANT that the ORION directory be kept up to date so that the information in the PAN or ASAP directory is current.

The DSA routes EDB Entry/Update transactions to reviewers based on the EDB Event Group (see chart below), Personnel Program (A, 1, or 2), and/or Student Status (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7) within a Department, Subdivision, Division or Organization. On-line Time Reporting notifications can be routed based on the PTR Event Group only (see chart below) within the Department, Subdivision, Division or Organization. The following event groups are used to route PPS notices:

PPS System Event Group Event Name Type of Change Included
EDB BEN Benefits Related Events • Retirement Change
• Insurance Enrollment
EDB EMP Employee Related Events • Citizenship Status
• Employee ID or Name Changes
• Employee Relations
• FICA Changes
• Job Group Changes
• SSN Change
• Work Study Limit Change
EDB PER Personnel Related Events • Appointment or Distribution Change
• Hire, Rehire
• Indefinite Layoff
• Layoff Data Change
• Leave Changes
• Sabbatical
• Separation
PTR PAY Employee Pay • Additional Pay (EDAP)
• One Time Payment (EDFT)
• Leave Hours Adjustment (EDLA)
• Late/Reduce Pay (EDLR)
• Retroactive Pay (EDRA)
PTR TRF Expense Transfer • Single Expense Transfer (EDTS)
• Mass Expense Transfer (EDTM)

E2.2 The PAN and ASAP Notification

The basic format of the notification text is similar for all notifications generated for Personnel/Payroll Transactions.  The PAN or ASAP notification may be composed of more than one "page". 


ASAP Notification

Refer to the EDB Manual, Section A6.4  for samples of EDB notices or to the PTR Manual, Section A6.2 for sample PTR notices.

Additional information regarding the web-based PAN notices for all systems on campus is available in the "PAN Training Guide" on the Financial Training Page. 

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