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A guide on the various databases, tables, reports and security features within the Personnel Payroll System (PPS).


The Chief Administrator or Financial Officer establishes the accountability structure for the department and decides who will be given access to PPS functions. The steps for obtaining access to the Personnel/Payroll system are as follows:

  1. Obtain approval from your supervisor and/or Chief Financial Officer.
  2. Request a Logon ID from AIS by completing a System Access Request (SAR).
  3. Update Email address and employee ID number in ORION (Required for access to all PPS Update functions).
  4. Complete mandatory Personnel/Payroll training classes (Required for access to all PPS Update functions).
  5. Request access from Departmental Security Administrator (DSA).
  6. Logon to the appropriate PPS function.

The DSA uses on an on-line system called DACSS (Distributed Administrative Computing Security System) to give access to the functions within the Personnel/Payroll system. DSA's looking for more information about DACSS should consult Security & Authentication for the Departmental Security Administrator.

The DSA can give access to the following functions after training has been completed (if necessary):

Name PPS Function DACSS Function Description
CSER Subsystem-Encumbrance Entries EFCR PPFCRUPD Allows users to manually enter salary and benefits memo liens into the Committed Salary Encumbrance Reporting process.
PAN Audit File and DACSS/ASAP Audit Log for Payroll DA01 EA002 Allows users to access the PAN Audit file and ASAP Audit Log for Personnel/Payroll.  The PAN Audit file contains transactions updated on or after December 13, 2004.  The ASAP Audit Log contains online transactions updated prior to December 13, 2004.
Document Direct-RDS-PPS Reports that Contain Confidential Employee Information N/A (Access via the Internet) PPRPTSVB Allows the user to access the following PPS reports which contain confidential employee information:
PPOP5302 Distribution of Payroll Expense - UCOP
PPP1311D Emp Name within Retirement/FICA within Home Department
PPP1313D Employees with student codes 3 or 4 & units 0
PPP1315D No match, stdt status not updated for casual/res
PPP1317D No match, student status set to 1
PPP1341D Confirmation Summary Purge
PPP3907 Leave Accrual Exceptions/Home Dept. Order
PPP5302 Distribution of Payroll Expense
PPP5441 Committed Salary Expenditure Report
PPP5831 Citizenship Status renewal in Home Dept. Sequence
PPP6201 Personnel Reporting/Personnel Status Report
PPP6401 Time Benefits Roster
PPP6504 Benefit Elig Level Control Rep Employees Out of Compliance-Dept Order
PPP6511 Benefit Elig Cntl RPT/New ben excl for xx/YY , by department
PPP6952 Start Participation Employee name within home department
PPP8832 Dependent missing Social Security Number-Home department order
PRS6203 Employees with Visa/Work Permit Expiring within next 4 months
PRS6211 Employees Approaching Leave Accrual & Service Award Thresholds
PRS6231 Employee Leave Accrual Code Changes - Monitoring Changes
PRS701 List of Core Medical Insurance and Core Life Amounts
PRS745 List of employees with expired visa
Document Direct-RDS-PPS Reports  and Tables that Contain General Information helpful to departments N/A (Access via the Internet) PPRPTSNB Allows the user to access the following PPS reports:
PPP00434   Salary Grade Table
PPP0402 Gross-To-Net Table
PPP0410 DOS Code Table
PPP0422 Surepay Bank Table
PPP0424 Work Study Table
PPP0428 Foreign Country Table
PPP0433 Title Code Table
PPP1382 Employees with 1000 hours-Eligible for Benefits
PPP1383 Employees approaching 1000 hours toward benefit eligibility
PPP1384 Employees with 750 hours-Eligible for benefits
PPP1385 Employees approaching 750 hours-Toward benefit eligibility
PPP1392 Employees with 1000 hours toward career status
PPP1393 Employees approaching 1000 hours toward career status
PPP5332 IAP activity by fund source/employee group
PPP5335 IAP activity by fund source employee group
PPP5336 IAP activity Org-Dept totals by fund sources
Employee Data Base-Departmental Inquiry IDDB PPDDBINQ Allows users to access the EDB (Employee Data Base) to view employee records.
Employee Data Base-
EDB Entry/Update
EEDB PPEDBUPD Allows users to update employee records on the EDB. Users must complete EDB Entry/Update training for Preparers.
Employee Data Base-Employee Documents IDOC PPDOCINQ Allows users to print notices to employees. Must also have PPADMDEP to select a printer from the printer selection menu. (PRNT).
Employment Verification IVER PPVERINQ Allows the user to print an employment verification form. Must also have PPADMDEP to select a printer from the printer selection menu (PRNT).
History Data Base-History Inquiry IHDB PPHDBINQ Allows the user to view rows of data in the HDB (History Data Base) and flag incorrect records. Access to this function should be granted along with access to Personnel History.
History Data Base-History Reporting IHHR PPHHRINQ Allows the user to print history documents.   Must also have PPADMDEP to select a printer from the printer selection menu (PRNT).
History Data Base-Personnel History IHIS PPHISINQ Allows the user to access the HDB (History Data Base) to view employee personnel history records.
Payroll Audit Record-
Departmental Inquiry
IPAY PPPARDEP Allows users to view pay transactions for employees. Up to one year of pay transactions can be found in IPAY.
Payroll Time Reporting - Department Adjustment Transactions EDAT PPDATUPD Allows the user to process pay or leave adjustment transactions and Payroll Expenditure Transfers. Users must complete PTR training prior to being given access to this function.
Payroll Time Reporting - Department Time Collection IDTC PPDTCUPD Allows the user to access a roster or a checklist in order to record time worked and/or leave used during a pay period. Users must complete PTR training prior to being given access to this function.
Separated Employees Report-PPQDB/OFSR N/A (Access via the Internet) PPQDBSEP Allows the user to run the Separated Employees Report on the UCLA Online Financial System Reports.  Users must also have PPQDB access.
System Administration-
Printer Selection
PPADMDEP Allows users to select a printer in order to print a notice to an employee (IDOC) or a checklist (IDTC).

QDB access is controlled by AIS and the data owners. System access requests (SARs) can be completed by the DSA by accessing the AIS website (https://www.it.ucla.edu/support-training/system-access-requests-sar) or by submission of a paper SAR form to AIS.

E1.1 PPS Reports on Document Direct-RDS

Two of the DACSS functions codes listed above are used to give access to PPS Reports and tables.  Samples of many of the reports can be found in Section D4.0 of this manual.  Some of the reports contain CONFIDENTIAL EMPLOYEE INFORMATION (see above).  Access to these reports should be granted based on the campus organizational hierarchy. 

The Document Direct-RDS website (https://ddi.ais.ucla.edu) must be accessed from a computer with a UCLA IP address.  A user guide in PDF format can be accessed from the Document Direct website or from the AIS website at http://www.ais.ucla.edu/techinfo/RDS/DocumentDirect_UserGuide.pdf.  Any questions or any problems you may encounter in regards to this web application should be directed to the AIS help desk at (310) 206-6951. 

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