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A guide on the various databases, tables, reports and security features within the Personnel Payroll System (PPS).


The IHHR system allows a user to print a variety of history reports for departmental use or to give to an employee. In order to print a history document, the document preparer would need to first select a printer to print to from the Printer Selection Menu. If a printer has already been selected, access the History Document Selection menu by entering IHHR in the Next Function field and an employee number, name or SSN of the person whose record you want to print.

PPIHHR0-I1084                 History Reporting               03/08/YY 08:06:06
 Last Update: 03/04/YY       Report Selection Menu             Userid:  ABCDE   
 ID: 801863965 Name: HISTORY,HELGA                                  PG 01 OF 01
 Hm Dept: 356500 ACCOUNTING SERVICES         Status: Active            ITR: 001 

 S  Staff Salary History Card                                                   
    Academic Salary History Card                                                
    -- Salary History Card Selection (select one)                               
 S  Full Salary History w/Full Appt/Dist History                                
    Full Salary History w/Title Step Synopsis                                   
    Full Salary History w/Title Synopsis Only                                   
    Title Step Synopsis and Leave History                                       
    Personal Data History                                                       
    Appointment History w/Full Appt/Dist History                                
    Appointment History w/Title Step Synopsis                                   
    Appointment History w/Title Synopsis Only                                   
    Leave History                                                               
    Awards History
    -- Distribution Selection (select one)                                   
    Regular Distributions and Equivalents                                    
    Regular Distributions, Shift Differentials, and Equivalents              
    Regular Distributions, Stipends, and Equivalents                         
    All Distributions                                                        
 S  Specified DOS Codes                                                      
 Next Func:      ID:           Name:                            SSN:            
  F:  1-Help      2-Jump      3-PrevMenu              5-Cancel    6-Pick DOS    
  F:              8-Forward   9-GenDoc                           12-Exit

The Report Selection Menu is displayed on which various criteria may be specified:

  1. The Staff and Academic reports contain different data elements. Select either the Staff version or the Academic one by typing an S to the left of the description.
  2. Tab or use the New Line key to the "Salary History Card Selection" list and type an S to the left of the type of history card desired.
  3. If you are selecting one of the reports that prints distribution information, for example the Full Salary History w/Full Appt/Dist History, then Tab or use the New Line key to the Distribution Selection group and choose the types of distributions you wish to appear on the report.
  4. If you wish to specify DOS codes, type an S to the left of "Specified DOS Codes" and then press F6. Up to 10 different DOS codes can be entered on the DOS selection screen.
  5. Press F9 to print the document.

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