UCLA Payroll Services

A guide on the various databases, tables, reports and security features within the Personnel Payroll System (PPS).


Logon to Oasis following your local logon procedures. If you don’t know your logon procedures, consult your CSC (Computer Support Coordinator) or your network coordinator.

The first menu you will see is the OASIS menu. Your cursor will be positioned on the line "Use cursor to select application OR type Transaction ID:". To access the Personnel/Payroll System, enter PPP and press the "Enter" key.

UCLA-AIS                           OASIS   MENU                        05/22/YY
 AISMENU                                                                14:41:42

         Use cursor to select application OR type Transaction ID: ppp_

             Student Information Systems                     (SIS )
             Financial Systems                               (FS00)
             Contract and Grant Information System           (GC00)
             Purchasing and Accounts Payable System          (AP00)
             Personnel/Payroll System                        (PPP )
             Events System                                   (EVM )
             UCLA ID System                                  (UIDS)
             DACSS/ASAP Distributed Access Systems           (DA01)
             Report Distribution System                      (RDS )
             Staffing List System                            (SLS )
             Administrative Cashiering System                (ACS )

F1 Help  F3 Exit

The next menu is the "Main Menu" for the Personnel/Payroll System.

UCMMNU0-M1325                Online Applications              05/18/YY 14:44:30
                                  Main Menu                    Userid:  ABCDE

  ---- Employee Data Base ----             ------ PAN Subsystem -------
   IEDB  Central Inquiry                    PSRV  PAN Services Menu
   IDDB  Departmental Inquiry              -- Payroll Time Reporting --
   EEDB  EDB Entry/Update                   ETHF  THF Entry/Update
   IDOC  Employee Documents                 IDTC  Dept Time Collect
  --- Payroll Audit Record ---              EDAT  Dept Adj Trans
   IPAR  Inquiry                           ---- Abeyance Date Base ----
   IPAY  Departmental Inquiry               SPCL  Special Processes
  ---- History Data Base -----             ------ CSER Subsystem ------
   IHDB  Record Inquiry/Update              EFCR  Encumbrance Entries
   IHIS  Personnel History                 --- ID Number Subsystem ----
   IHHR  History Documents                  EDEM  ID Numbers Main Menu
                                           --- System Administration --
                                            UCSA  Entry/Update
  -- Employment Verification -
   IVER  Verification
 Next Func: IDDB ID:           Name:                            SSN:

  F:  1-Help      2-Jump
  F:                                                             12-Exit

The cursor will be positioned to the right of "Next Func" which is found at the bottom left of the screen. Enter IDDB to display the "Departmental Menu." A list of function codes and the names of the available screens will be displayed.

UCFMNU0-M0795                    EDB Inquiry                  05/18/YY 14:51:27
                              Departmental Menu                Userid:  ABCDE

   IGEN General Information 1
   IGNL General Information 2             PRNT Printer Selection
   IAPS Appointment Summary               IFNA Financial Aid
   IAPP Appointment/Distribution          IFNW Work Study
   IAPT Appointment/Distribution Cmpct    ILOF Layoff Data
   IDED Deductions - Departmental         IMEM Membership Data
   IHRS Hours on Pay Status               IUCI University Contribution Ind
   IINS Insurance - Departmental          ILSC Layoff Seniority Credit
   IRET Retirement/Savings-Department     ILCD License/Certificate
   IPER Personal Data
   IALN Alien Information
   ILAH Leave Accrual History
   INBI Summary of Current EDB Balance
   IADD Employee Address Data             IFBD Future Enrollments-Department
   IHR2 Hours Toward Eligibility          ITAX Tax Information
   WHO  Employee Browse
 Next Func: IAPP ID:         Name: jones,                       SSN:

  F:  1-Help                  3-PrevMenu
  F:                          9-MainMenu                         12-Exit

Enter the four character function code for the screen you would like to display. The cursor will then be positioned to the right of "ID". If you know the Employee ID number, enter the number and press Enter; OR if you know the Social Security Number of the employee, press the Tab key twice so that your cursor is to the right of SSN, enter the nine digit Social Security Number without any dashes or spaces, and then press Enter.

If you know the name of the employee, press the Tab key once so that your cursor is to the right of "Name," enter the name in this format: LASTNAME,FIRSTNAME and then press Enter. Note: There is no space between the last name, the comma, and the first name. You could also enter a partial name. If the system finds a single match to the entered data it will take you directly to the requested screen. If it does not find an exact match or it finds more than one match, the WHO/Employee Browse screen will be displayed.

PPWHO0-0951                  EDB Inquiry                  09/24/YY 15:07:20
                             Employee Browse                 Userid:  ABCDE
 ENTERED: ID:           Name: JONES,                     
   ID        Name                      Emp Stat:    Dept
   602598086 JONES,ANDREA ALEXI            A        DEVELOPMENT
   402614214 JONES,ANGEL                   A        STD HEALTH
 __801423045 JONES,ANNIE C                 A        ENGLISH
   301423050 JONES,ANTHONY B               A        DENTISTRY
   002733545 JONES,ANTHONY DELANO          S        PHYS/ASTRO
   902727531 JONES,ANTHONY OWEN            A        MC-RADIOLOG
   301423285 JONES,B A                     A        MC-NRSING
   500794758 JONES,BARBIE                  A        SNTA MONICA
   802652626 JONES,BEN T                   S        CAREER CENT
   902670055 JONES,BONNIE                  A        SNTA MONICA
   202738341 JONES,BRANDON                 A        MC-FAM HEAL
   501423295 JONES,CHANDLER                A        EDUCATION
   701423380 JONES,CHARLENE B              A        TRANS SRV
   901423303 JONES,CHERYLYN L              S        SNTA MONICA
   401000022 JONES,CHRIS                   I        ON CAMPUS H
 Next Func: IAPP ID:           Name:                            SSN:
 F:  1-Help      2-Jump      3-PrevMenu
 F:  7-Backward  8-Forward   9-MainMenu                         12-Exit

The WHO screen will list the employees who have a name that is close to the name you entered and the cursor will be at the top of the list. If the function code you entered is still displayed next to "Next Func:", (as it is in the example above) move the cursor down the list (using the down arrow key) until the cursor is next to the correct employee and press the Enter key. If the function code is missing, use the Jump (F2) key to position your cursor in the next function key and enter the function code and the employee number and press Enter.

The detail screen for the employee you selected will display. At the bottom of the screen you will note function keys (F keys) listed and a short explanation of what each key is used for. Only the keys which can be used on that particular screen will be displayed.

PPIAPP0-I1482                    EDB Inquiry                  05/19/YY 15:38:42
 05/16/YY 05:02:25         Appointment/Distribution            Userid:  ABCDE
 ID: 801423045 Name: JONES,ANNIE                                LAD:  11/01/02
 Hm Dept: 056500 ENGLISH         Emplmt Status: A Pri Pay: BW
 Gen No : 0002                   Total Appt/Dis: 01/02 Remaining Appt/Dis: 00/00
 LOA Beg:          LOA Return:          LOA Type:    STRT:

 Appt: 10 TC: 4673 CLERK                          Grade:         Pgm/Typ: 1/4
       Begin Dt: 09/07/YY Ann/Hr Rt :     8.6400   %: 0.25  F/V: V     Rt   : H
       End Dt  : 06/30/YY Bas/Pd Ovr: 00/00    FLSA: NONEXEMPT Lv : F  Sched: BW
       Dur     :          Dept Cd   : 056500    TUC/AREP/ASHC: CX/U/   Time : Z
       SubL    : GN General Campus                                             
 Dis: 12 L/A/C/F/P/S : 4 760407      70000 RCI    2
     Begin: 10/06/YY Dis %: 0.2500 Rate/Amt:   8.6400   Step/OA: 1.0/  DOS: REG
     End  : 06/30/YY FTE: 0.00 Dept Cd: 056500 PRQ:     DUC:   WSP:

 Dis: 13 L/A/C/F/P/S : 4 760407      70000 RCI    2
     Begin: 09/07/YY Dis %: 0.2500 Rate/Amt:   0.3200   Step/OA:       DOS: SDF
     End  : 06/30/YY FTE: 0.00 Dept Cd: 056500 PRQ:     DUC:   WSP:
 Next Func: IGEN ID:           Name:                            SSN:

 F:  1-Help      2-Browse    3-PrevMenu
 F:                          9-MainMenu                         12-Exit

If you wish to view a different screen for this employee or information on another employee, you do not need to go back to the IDDB Departmental Menu screen. To access additional EDB Inquiry screens for the same employee, enter another function code in the Next Function field. For example, if you were to type IGEN in the Next Function field as shown on the above screen and press Enter, the following screen would display.

PPIGEN0-I1450                    EDB Inquiry                  02/12/YY 08:54:07
02/04/YY 00:00:53          General Information 1              Userid:  ABCDE   
ID: 123456789 Name: INQUIRY,IDA                     LAD:  11/01/YY
Hm Dept: 356500 ACCOUNTING      Emplmt Status: A Pri Pay: MO                   

Gen No        : 0027     Date of Hire       : 01/09/YY Lst Day on Pay:         
Date of Birth : 12/09/58 Citizen            : C        Separation    :         
Sex           : F        Visa Type          :          Sep Rsn/Dest  :         
Ethnic ID     : F        Work Perm End Date :          Antcptd Ret Dt:
Veteran Status: N/ /N    U.S. Date of Entry :          LOA Beg       :
RctSepVetDt   :          I-9  Date          : 01/09/YY LOA Return    :
Disab Status  : N        Oath Signature Date: 01/09/YY LOA Type      :
Stdt St/Units : 1/       PIN Signature Date : 04/01/YY Nx Sal Rev    : 10/YY
UI Code       : C        Fed Tx Marit/Allw  : M 002    Nx Sal Rev Typ: 2
Retirement    : U        Fed Tax Max        :   999    EREL/ERL/EUC  : E/99/99
FICA Elig Cd  : E        Calif Tx Marit/Pers: M 000    EREP/ESH/EDUC : C/ /
Asgn/Drv BELI : 1/1      Calif Tx Item      :   000   Other St Name  :
Pay Disp      : 8        Calif Max          :   999   Other St CA Res:
APUC          :          Pr ID: 040222860   Pr Name:
Next Func:      ID:           Name:                            SSN:

 F:  1-Help      2-Browse    3-PrevMenu
 F:                          9-MainMenu                         12-Exit

If you wish to access data for a different employee on the same screen, Tab to either the ID, Name, or SSN field and enter the appropriate information, press Enter and the same screen will be displayed for a different employee.

A4.1 Help

On-line help can be accessed on each EDB Inquiry Screen by pressing F1.   Information on the individual fields on the screens is accessed by moving the cursor to the field (by using a mouse or the arrow keys on the keyboard) and then pressing F1.   Detailed information on using Help for the EDB can be found in the EDB Manual, Section A5.  Information on the data can also be found in the EDB Field/Screen Cross Reference Chart.

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