UCLA Payroll Services

A guide for departments to use when adding or changing employee records on the Employee Data Base (EDB).


Action Code Action Code  Interpretation Derived/Entered Usage
01 Hire D  
02 Rehire D  
04 Merit Increase (On-line) E Dist
06 Separation D  
07 Leave of Absence with Pay E ELVE
08 Leave of Absence without Pay E ELVE
09 Change in Leave Return Date D  
10 Promotion E Appt
11 Demotion E Appt
12 Lateral Transfer E Appt
13 Additional Employment E Appt
14 Academic Status Change E Appt
15 Visa Status Change D  
16 Change in Percent Full Time D  
17 Appointment Renewal E Appt
18 Change in Fund Source E Dist
19 Change in Home Department D  
20 Other (Employee Action) D  
21 Intercampus Action E EEID
23 Change is BELI - Assigned D  
24 Change in Leave Plan D  
25 Mass Title Code Change D  
26 Add Stipend D  
27 System Merit Increase (batch) D  
28 Range Adjustment (batch) D  
30 Mass Purge (batch) D  
33 Manual Range Adjustment (On-line) E Dist
34 Terminal Appointment E Appt
35 Transfer - Campus/UCOP E EEID
36 Transfer - Campus/Lab/State E EEID
37 Reclassification Downward E Appt
38 Reclassification Upward E Appt
39 Reclassification Lateral E Appt
40 Other Appointment Action D  
41 Six Month Increase E Dist
42 Exceptional/Equity Increase E Dist
43 Change in Rate - Other E Dist
44 Limited Increase E Dist
45 Change in Negotiated Salary (HS comp) E Dist
46 Change in Percent Full Time D  
47 Mass Account/Fund Change (batch) D  
48 Add Stipend D  
49 Mass Distribution Unit Change (batch) D  
50 Other Distribution Action D  
51 Transfer To/From Med Center E EEID
52 Limited to Career E Appt

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