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A guide for departments to use when adding or changing employee records on the Employee Data Base (EDB).


The Staff Personnel Section of the EDB Manual provides information on policies and procedures to be considered when processing personnel actions in EDB Entry/Update for employees who are in the following personnel programs:

The section is organized by the type of transaction being processed, e.g., new hire, rehire, leave of absence, separation, etc. Because the bundles in EDB Entry/Update are also organized by types of transactions, this section mimics the bundle by presenting and discussing screens in the same order the screens are displayed in the bundle.

When bundles are being used for an action, we offer one helpful hint: Consider pressing the "Enter" key after all the data has been entered on a screen before you advance to the next screen. "Enter" invokes range and value editing on the entered data and in many cases results in the display of code translations (such as the title name). Review of the edit messages and translations of codes gives the preparer an opportunity to make corrections to inaccurate data before moving to the next screen in the bundle.

The advantages of using bundles are:

The following information is provided in this section for each type of transaction:

This section also contains charts which may be used for reference when applying University policy to a particular personnel action. Preparers and reviewers should also have copies of personnel policy manuals and collective bargaining agreements readily available for reference. Electronic versions of these materials are available from https://www.chr.ucla.edu/personnel-and-payroll-transaction/employee-groups-and-bargaining-units.

Questions regarding application of the University's personnel policies and collective bargaining agreements related to entry of data into the EDB should be directed to Campus Human Resources or Healthcare Human Resources as appropriate.

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