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A guide for departments to use when adding or changing employee records on the Employee Data Base (EDB).


The Academic Personnel Section of the EDB Manual provides information on policies and procedures to be considered when processing personnel actions in the EDB Entry/Update System.

This section is organized by the type of transaction being processed, e.g. appointment, merit increase, promotion. The bundles in EDB Entry/Update are organized by transactions. This section leads the preparer through each academic bundle by presenting the screens in the order they appear in the bundle. Users are free to process all actions, except New Hires/Appointments and Benefits without using the bundles. However, we strongly encourage the preparer to use the bundles. This section does not offer instructions on navigation between screens.

If bundles are chosen as the method for update, note the following helpful hint:

Press the "Enter" key after all the data has been entered on a screen before advancing to the next screen. "Enter" invokes range and value editing on the entered data and in many cases results in the display of code translations (such as the title name). Reviewing the edit messages and translations of codes gives the user an opportunity to make corrections to inaccurate data before moving to the next screen in the bundle.

The advantages of using bundles are:

The following information is provided for each type of transaction:

Several charts are provided for reference when applying policy to a particular action. Users should also have copies of the Academic Personnel Manual, The CALL, and any collective bargaining agreement readily available for reference.

Questions regarding the application of Academic Personnel Policies related to data entry into the EDB should be directed to the appropriate Dean's Office or to the Academic Personnel Office.

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