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A guide for departments to use when adding or changing employee records on the Employee Data Base (EDB).


When an employee transfers without a break in service, and for one (1) year or more, from one UC campus to another, the action is termed an Intercampus Transfer. Because there is no electronic transfer of EDB records possible between most campuses at this time, special procedures must be followed to ensure that, in terms of taxes, benefits and entitlements, the process of transferring to a new position at another campus should be seamless for the employee. When transferring between UCLA, UCOP or UC Merced, please contact Payroll Services Hotline for instructions.

B9.1 Incoming Transfers from another UC campus to UCLA

When an employee is coming to UCLA, UCOP or UC Merced from another campus or Laboratory, ask the employee to bring a Separation IDOC and Benefits IDOC from the previous location.  Fax or mail copies of those IDOC's to Payroll Services, Attention:  Intercampus Transfer Coordinator.  The Separation IDOC, or a copy of the IGEN Screen, will confirm whether there is a break-in-service.  If there is NO break-in-service, then the EDB Preparer should do the following:

  1. Set up the employee in the EDB as a New Hire.
  2. When the transaction is completed, include in the comments in the PAN notification the campus or Laboratory from which the employee transferred and the effective date of the transfer.  This information will assist Payroll Services in requesting the transfer of the employee's payroll records from the other campus, including verification of sick leave and vacation balances. 

    Add Payroll Notification (payroll@finance.ucla.edu or PPPAY) as an additional recipient of the PAN when processing the New Hire bundle.  Note in the comments the name of the campus the employee is transferring from and the start date. (Payroll Services requires this notification so that it can request the employee's payroll records from the previous campus.

    Payroll Services will verify the employee's transferable sick leave and vacation balances.  Once the Intercampus Coordinator receives this information, an email with all the necessary instructions will be forwarded to the departmental personnel representative for any additional updates.)

    NOTE:  Do not complete fields on the EPD2 Screen that are related to Employment Service Credit.  These fields are reserved for use by Central Offices, i.e., Payroll Services, Campus and HealthCare Human Resources.
  3. The Benefits IDOC contains crucial information which will be used by Payroll Services and your central benefits office.  The employee's benefits will be entered by the Central Benefits Office. 
  4. Incoming transfers DO NOT complete a new I-9 Form and Oath & Patent Form at UCLA. The Intercampus Transfer Coordinator will obtain a copy of the original I-9 Form and Oath & Patent Agreement that was signed by the employee at the previous campus for our records.
  5. If the transferring employee had a Career Appointment or a Limited Appointment at the former campus and/or will have a Limited Appointment at UCLA, it is essential to determine the employee's accrual of Hours Toward Benefits Eligibility.  The amount accumulated in the last twelve months is transferable between campuses even if there is a break in service.  The IHR2 Screen is also needed from the former campus in such cases.  For questions regarding eligibility status, contact the appropriate Human Resources office.

B9.2 Outgoing Transfers from UCLA to another UC campus 

  1. For outgoing transfers from UCLA to another campus, the department should separate the employee in the EDB using the Separation Bundle. On the ESEP Screen, use the following codes:
    The information on the ESEP Screen will assist Payroll Services in transferring the employee's payroll records to the other campus.  For additional information on the Separation bundle, refer to Section D10.
  2. Process any necessary vacation and sick leave hour usage adjustments (VAC, SKL, CTO, etc.) to the employee's leave balance on the appropriate Payroll Time Reporting screen so that the balances the employee has at the time of transfer are correct.  The hours on the PAN notification of the Separation bundle see the following, and the hours on the EDB IHRS Screen should match.  See PTR Manual, Section F2.2 for more information regarding vacation and sick leave balances.

    NOTE:  When calculating the final leave totals, include the totals from the last accrual date. If the employee is transferring from a position that accrues vacation to a non-vacation-accruing position, the employee's vacation balance must be paid out. This terminal vacation pay can be processed with the employee's regular earnings. Sick leave hours may be transferred between a campus and a Laboratory. The transfer will be made by the Intercampus Coordinator.
  3. If the employee's mailing address will be changing, process the address change on the EADD Screen.
  4. At the PAN comments screen, be sure to indicate in the comments the campus to which the employee is transferring, the effective date of the transfer and the actual vacation and sick leave balances to which the employee is entitled through the last day on pay and which must be transferred to the new campus.  Add Payroll Notification (payroll@finance.ucla.edu or PPPAY) as an additional recipient of the PAN when processing the Separation bundle.
  5. Send to the new campus a copy of the Separation IDOC or IGEN Screen, with the separation date listed, and a copy of the Benefits IDOC.
  6. The Intercampus Coordinator will forward the leave totals and all other necessary documents to the new campus.
  7. No separation check or rush check should be requested when an employee is transferring permanently to another UC campus. Employees who transfer to another UC campus are continuing their employment with the University of California. On the employee's next following regular pay day, the employee will receive pay from UCLA for any amount due from UCLA and pay from the new campus for the balance of the pay period.

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