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A guide for departments to use when adding or changing employee records on the Employee Data Base (EDB).


When an employee is initially hired, the new hire bundle is used to establish the employee’s record on the EDB. The first screen in the new hire bundle is the Employee Identification (EEID) screen. On the EEID screen, you enter the employee’s social security number, complete name and birth-date. Assuming the employee does not already have a prior employee ID number, a new employee ID number will be assigned to the employee upon completion of this screen in the new hire bundle. 

Please Note:  When you are PROCESSING A NEW HIRE, if you discover that you have made an error on the EEID screen so that the new employee's Social Security Number, Name or Birthdate are not perfectly recorded, CANCEL the transaction by pressing the F5 key and then press the F5 key again to complete the cancellation.  The assignment of the employee's ID number is critical to the functioning of the Personnel/Payroll System.  Every element on the EEID screen must be correct to guarantee that the ID assignment process produces a number that is uniquely and accurately defined.  

After the employee has been assigned an employee number, any subsequent changes that need to be processed with regard to the employee’s social security number, name or birthdate are entered on the individual Employee Identification, EEID screen (see example below). 

In the example below, a new Social Security number has been entered (566666666) and the number is then listed below the original entry in the proper format once the enter key has been pressed on the keyboard.

 PPEEID0-E1112                 EDB Entry/Update                01/09/YY 14:49:39
                           Employee Identification             Userid:  ABCDE   
 Employee ID         :  900222596                                               
 SSN                 :  566666666                                               
 First Name          :                                                          
 Middle Name         :                                                          
 Last Name           :                                                          
 Suffix              :                                                          
 Result              :  BLUES,BERTHA D                                          
                        BLUES,BERTHA D                                         
 Date of Birth       :  111761                                                  
 Intercampus Transfer:                                                          
 Next Func:      ID:           Name:                            SSN:            
  F:  1-Help      2-Jump      3-PrevMenu                                        
  F:                          9-Update                           12-Exit

To process a change/correction to the employee’s social security number or birthdate on the EEID screen, tab to the appropriate field and type over the existing data with the correct data and then update the change(s) by pressing the F9 key.

With regard to entering the employee’s name on the EEID screen, the name as it is entered should be identical to the name of the employee as it appears on the social security card. The I.R.S. mandates that the employee name in the payroll system must match the name as it appears on the social security card. Failure to comply with this regulation could result in fines or penalties being levied against the University and ultimately against the non-compliant department. If the employee wishes their name to be entered differently from their social security card, they must first apply for a new social security card with their name as they would like it to appear in the payroll system. 

To enter a new name, you would tab to the various name fields and complete the information.  Once the enter key is pressed, the employee's full name will be displayed in the "Result" field in the format "last-name,first-name middle-name".  Please note: there are no spaces before or after the comma in the "Result" field.  This is important because in order to access the employee record in the future by name, the name will need to be entered without any spaces between the comma and the name.

Additional guidelines for properly entering the employee’s name are as follows:

Any questions regarding employee name and how to enter it properly should be directed to Payroll Services.

Note: Additional information on correcting an employee's name and/or social security number is available on our How To Portal Page.

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