UCLA Payroll Services

A guide for departments to use when adding or changing employee records on the Employee Data Base (EDB).


A6.1  Overview

DACSS/ASAP is a system developed by AIS to allow campus units to control access to records within their own unit.  PAN is a post-authorization notification system designed by UCOP as part of the part of the base Personnel/Payroll system.  Information on PPS Security, an overview of the DACSS/ASAP process and PAN can be found in the PPS Manual, Section E1.  Information on how to use the PAN screens can be found in the PPS Manual, Section E4.

A6.2  Alternate Department Code

For most systems on campus, the access levels provided by DACSS/ASAP work well.   Within the Personnel/Payroll system, however, there is sometimes a need for access to an individual employee's record because departments may share employees or one department may hire an employee who used to work for another department.  In the PPS, an employee record belongs to a home department.  If another department wants to hire an employee already working at the University or one who recently worked for another department, access to that record must be granted by the home department.

The WHO - Employee Browse -  screen can be used to determine which department is the home department.  Users with access to EDB Inquiry can view the Employee ID, Employee Name and the name of the Home Department for all employees in the data base by entering WHO in the Function Code field and entering an Employee ID or Employee Name.  (An example of the WHO screen can be found in the PPS Manual, Section A4.)  The new department should contact the personnel office in the home department to request access to the employee's record and to inform the home department about the personnel transaction that will be entered.

To grant access for a specific employee's record to another department, the home department should log onto the EDB and access the EPER screen.  The Alternate Department Code field is used to give another department access to an employee's record.   The home department should add the new department's six digit department code to the employee record in the Alternate Department code field and then press "F9" to update the record.  Once the Alternate Department access is no longer needed the home department should delete the access by entering an * in the Alternate Department code field and pressing "F9" to update the record to remove the other department's access to the employee's record.

PPEPER0-E0915                 EDB Entry/Update             04/19/YY 09:24:34
04/11/YY 17:03:54         Personnel-Miscellaneous           Userid:  ABCDE   
ID: 102606148 Name: PILLAR,CAT E                                Pri Pay: MO    
Assigned BELI: 1 Derived BELI : 1        Effective Date: 0701YY                
BELI Status Qualifiers:  Primary:    Date:         Secondary:    Date:         
Date of Hire                  : 0701YY   Original Hire Date: 1001YY            
Employee Relations Code       : E      Employee Relations Unit:                
Probationary Period End Date  :                                                
Next Salary Review Date       : 07YY   Next Salary Review Type: T              
Merit Rate Increase    Percent:                                                
Home Department               : 356500 ACCOUNTING SERVICES                     
Primary Title Code            : 1300   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR - 9-MONTHS          
Employee Unit Code            : A4     Employee Representation Code   : C      
Employee Special Handling Code:        Employee Distribution Unit Code:        
Job Group ID                  : 999                                            
Alternate Department Code     :                                                
Academic Programmatic Unit Cd :                                                
Next Func:      ID:           Name:                            SSN:            
PF:  1-Help      2-Jump      3-PrevMenu                                        
PF:                          9-Update                           12-Exit

Access to a record may also be needed to process an outstanding Payroll Expense Transfer or other transaction after an employee moves to a new department on campus.

A6.3 Notification Preparation 

The DSA in the department, subdivision, division, or organization, OR a central office sets up the mandatory reviewers for each type of Personnel/Payroll transaction. Not all transactions require a notification. For example, if an address change is processed for an employee, no notification is sent. The mandatory notifications CANNOT be changed by the preparer. The preparer can add additional recipients of the notification as long as the intended recipient has a valid OASIS login ID.

If a preparer is adding additional recipients, it can be done either by entering the OASIS login manually or by searching the directory. When the OASIS login ID is entered manually, the preparer should press the "ENTER" key when finished. If the screen does NOT display the name of the additional recipient underneath the names of the mandatory reviewers and the email address for the additional recipient, the person is not in the directory and the person cannot be notified as part of the update process. An alternative would be to add yourself as a recipient and then go into your PAN inbox later and forward the notice to the person (as long as that person has a valid UCLA, UCOP or UC Merced EMAIL address).

Once a preparer has entered all the information necessary to process a transaction in the EDB Entry/Update system and pressed the update key the Comments Entry screen will be displayed (shown below).  The preparer can then enter comments explaining the transaction.  Comments should be entered by the preparer to explain the transaction.   The comments become part of the permanent PAN record.  The preparer may also be able to mark the transaction as urgent by changing the Priority code from "R" to "U".

 UCECOM0-E1595               PostAuth Notification             12/07/YY 13:58:00
                                 Comments Entry                Userid:  ABCDE
                                                                 Page   1 of   1
 Employee: NEWHIRE,NED                  Preparer: PATRICIA WAGGONER
       ID: 555777999                    Phone:    (310) 794-8705
   Action: 08-Leave Without Pay         Email:    PWAGGONE@FINANCE.UCLA.EDU
 ---------------------------------- Comments -----------------------------------
 Priority: R
 ABCDE      Testing Leave Without Pay

 Next Func:
  F:  1-Help                  3-Return
  F:                          9-Update   10-NotfPrep 11-Detail

From the comments entry screen, the preparer can then press F10 to access the Post-Authorization Notification Preparation screen (shown below). It will list the addresses of all of the mandatory reviewers along with the name and email address of each reviewer. The preparer can then add additional "reviewers", or simply press the update key to actually update the EDB and send the notification. There are function keys displayed for the preparer which list their function on the bottom of the notification screen. If the preparer has chosen to add additional reviewers or add comments, the preparer must press update when finished.

Note:  Additional reviewers added by the preparer will be displayed as type "U" for user added.  Mandatory reviewers are identified as "M" and cannot be changed by the preparer of the transaction.  Any reviewer added at the time the transaction was updated will need to access their PAN inbox in order to review the transaction.  Instructions on how to access the PAN inbox for PPS transactions can be found in the PPS Manual, Section E4.

UCENPR0-E1415               PostAuth Notification             12/07/YY 13:58:00
                            Notification Preparation           Userid:  ABCDE
                                                                 Page 01  of 01
 Employee: NEWHIRE,NED                  Preparer: PATRICIA WAGGONER
       ID: 555777999                    Phone:    (310) 794-8705
   Action: 08-Leave Without Pay         Email:    PWAGGONE@FINANCE.UCLA.EDU
 --------------------------------  Reviewers  ----------------------------------
 C UserID                        Type   Primary
 --------------Email---------------         ----------------Name----------------
   PRKLK                           M
   KKAING@AIS.UCLA.EDU                            KIM KAING
   PPWLT                           M
   WTANG@FINANCE.UCLA.EDU                         WEN TANG
   PRKK0                           M
   KKIM@AIS.UCLA.EDU                              KWANG KIM
   ABCDE                           U
 Next Func:
  F:  1-Help                  3-Return                            6-Directry
  F:              8-Forward   9-Update   10-Comments 11-Detail

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT use the reply feature on EMAIL sent to you from PAN to reply back to the preparer. The actual address of the sender of the EMAIL is PANTST@SERVICES.AIS.UCLA.EDU. If you use the reply function your reply will be delivered to the AIS post office box instead of to the preparer. Use the forward function if you wish to include the text of the email when sending a note back to the preparer.

A6.4 Sample PAN

Information on how to use the PAN screens can be found in the PPS Manual, Section E4. A sample of a PAN for a new hire is shown below.

New Hire PAN

A6.5  Using the ASAP Audit Log

ASAP stands for Application System Authorization Process. ASAP was used prior to December 13, 2004 to send notification(s) to the reviewers (from the preparer) that an update had occurred and to send additional notifications to other interested parties. There is an ASAP log of all transactions updated on-line prior to December 13, 2004 that can be reviewed by anyone who has access to the log and access to the employee records contained in the log.

In order to view the ASAP Audit log, your DSA must give you access. Once your DSA has granted you access, log onto OASIS. From the OASIS menu, enter DA01 to access the DACSS system. From the DACSS main menu, choose option 4 to access the ASAP audit log.  The ASAP Audit Log Selection Criteria screen will be displayed as shown below.

UCLA-AIS                        ASAP Audit                             EAC2101
 Doc Type ____ Doc ID __________________       FROM 01 01 1900   TO 12 31 1999
 Org ____ Div ____ SubDiv ____ Dept ____ Event ___ Prog ID _ Stu Stat _       
 Loc _ Acct ______ CC __ Fund _____ Proj ______ Sub __ Object ____            
 Preparer Logon ID ________ Word in Subject _______________ $ _________       
 EMAIL Reviewer (Last, First) ___________________________________             
   Type Preparer   Date    ------------ Subject ------------ --- Document ID -
 F1=Help  F3=Exit  F5=Refresh  F6=Text  F7=Bkwd  F8=Fwd  F11=Clear Selections 

It is possible to view the log based on different criteria entered at the top of the Audit screen. The criteria and how they are used is as follows:

  1. By Doc Type - Enter PPP for the Personnel/Payroll system.
  2. By Doc ID - Enter the employee ID number to see ASAP notices generated only for that employee.  Note:  If the user does not know the employee number, the user can enter a question mark to access another screen where the name can be enter in the format Last Name, First Name.
  3. By Date - TAB to the date and enter the date in the format it appears on the screen. Make sure dates are entered in the the "From" date and the "To" date fields.
  4. By Org, Div, Subdiv, or Dept - Tab to the appropriate field and enter the four digit code.
  5. By Event group - Tab to the "event group" and enter the appropriate code. The EDB Event Groups are as follows:
BENBenefits Related Events• Retirement Change
• Insurance Enrollment
EMPEmployee Related Events• Citizenship Status
• Employee ID or Name Changes
• Employee Relations
• FICA Changes
• Job Group Changes
• SSN Change
• Work Study Limit Change
PERPersonnel Related Events• Appointment or Distribution Change
• Hire, Rehire
• Indefinite Layoff
• Layoff Data Change
• Leave Changes
• Sabbatical
• Separation
  1. By Personnel Program - Tab to the Program code and enter the appropriate code. The Personnel Program codes are as follows:
EExecutive (Abolished 7/96)
MManagement & Professional Staff (MAP) (Abolished 7/96)
PAdministrative & Professional Staff (A&PS) (Abolished 7/96)
SStaff (Abolished 7/96)
1Tier One
2Tier Two
  1. By Student Status - Tab to the student Status and enter the appropriate code for the student status. The student status codes are as follows:
1Not Registered
2Not Registered, Degree Candidate
3Undergraduate Student
4Graduate Student
5Not Registered, Degree Candidate other campus
6Undergraduate Student other campus
7Graduate Student other campus
  1. By Preparer - Tab to the preparer field and enter the logon ID of the preparer.  Note:  If the user does not know the logon ID, the user can enter a question mark to access another screen where the name can be enter in the format Last Name, First Name.
  2. By Reviewer - Tab to the reviewer field and enter the logon ID of the reviewer.  Note:  If the user does not know the logon ID, the user can enter a question mark to access another screen where the name can be enter in the format Last Name, First Name.

The user may enter as many selection criteria as needed.  PPP must be entered to view only Payroll transactions, otherwise the user will see all the transactions in the audit log that match the entered criteria. Once the user has entered all the criteria for the notifications that need to be accessed, the user should press the Enter key.

A list of the ASAP notifications that match the entered criteria will be displayed. The TAB key is used to position the cursor opposite the message or messages to be viewed.   To view a message, enter an "S" next to the message. Once an "S" has been entered next to all the transactions that the user would like to view, the F6 key should be pressed to actually view the detail of the selected notification(s). If the notification takes up more than one screen, the user may have to press F8 to view the next page. If multiple messages were selected for viewing, to display the next message selected, the user would press F6 to view the next record or F5 to view the previous record selected. The user can view only those records which have been selected.

The user can also print the ASAP notice if desired.  To print an ASAP notice, press F9 from the ASAP notice screen.  A screen will display showing the remote printer you have selected in PPS as your default printer.  If a printer number does not display, you will need to selected a remote printer as per the instructions in the PPS Manual, Section A5.1 (Selecting a Printer) before you can use the ASAP print function.  If the correct printer number is displayed, press F9 again, and the notice will be sent to your remote printer.

To return to the selection screen, the F3 key would be pressed. In order to to select additional ASAP messages, the user would press F11 to clear the previous selections, repeat the selection process and then press F6 to view the detail. This process may be repeated as many times as needed. To change the search criteria used to produce the list of notification messages, the user would press F5 to clear previous criteria and re-enter new criteria. To exit completely from the log, the user should press F3 twice to return to the Oasis menu and then F3 to log off the system.

The next section below shows a sample EDB ASAP.

A6.6 Sample ASAP Notification

                              EMAIL TEXT DISPLAY
                                                                    Page 1 of 2 
---------------------------------< View Mail >----------------------------------
 TO:      MARY Q CONTRARY              <EKPPMQC@MVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU>              
 FROM:    ASAP -  P PREPARER           <POST2@AISPROD.AIS.UCLA.EDU>             
 SUBJECT: PER - HIRE (MULTIPLE)                                                
 -------------------------- COMMENTS ADDED BY PREPARER ------------------------
 --------------------------- END OF PREPARER COMMENTS -------------------------
 Summary of Notifications:                                                     
 App: EDB Tran: SHIR  Userid: ABCDE         Date: 04/24/YY  Time: 14:40:05      
   Citizenship/Alien Data                                                      
   Labor Relations                                                             
 -----------------------------------< HIRE >-----------------------------------
 Employee Name: FRANK N STEIN               ID Number: 602672193               
 The following Hire   has been recorded.                                       
 Hire Date: 04/01/YY    Home Department: 160000  PATHOLOGY AND LAB MEDICINE    
 Student St: 1-Not Registered          Units: 00.0 Citizen: U.S. Citizen       
 Exclusively Represented: Yes Next Rvw. Dt-Typ: 07/YY-2 Prob. Per. End: 02/01/YY
 Retirement: UCRP             FICA: OASDI/Medicare                             
 BELI: 1-Career Benefits     BELI Eff. Date: 04/01/YY                          
 Appointed as:                                                                 
 10)     4723 _____ASSISTANT II              Dept: PATHOLOGY AND LAB MEDICINE    
 Term of Service: 04/01/YY to Indefinite   % Time: 1.00 Grade:    TUC: CX LV: A
 Personnel Program: Staff      Appt Type: Career       Basis:    Paid Over:    
 11) Pay Category: REG-REGULAR       $2,079.00 Monthly       Step: 1.0         
 at 100.00% Fixed    Time, effective 04/01/YY, with an end date of Indefinite  
 from account 4-400200-    -19900-      -1                                     
 -----------------------------------< CITZ >-----------------------------------
 Employee Name: FRANK N STEIN               ID Number: 602672193               
 The following changes related to citizenship status have been recorded.       
                                 Previous                 Current              
 *Retirement                                            U - UCRP               
 *FICA                                                  E - OASDI/Medicare     
 *Ret/FICA Derive                                       Y-  Elig Auto Derive   
 *Citizenship Code:                                     C - U.S. Citizen       
  Visa Status:                                                                 
  Visa End Date:                                                               
  Non-UC Health                                                                
    Expiration Date:                                                           
  Tax Treaty Income Code:                                                      
  Tax Treaty Article Number:                                                   
  Tax Treaty End Date:                                                         
  Tax Treaty Income Limit:                                                     
  Alternate Tax Treaty                                                         
    Income Code: 


                                           EMAIL TEXT DISPLAY
                                                                    Page 2 of 2  
 -----------------------------------< LABR >-----------------------------------
 Employee Name: FRANK N STEIN               ID Number: 602672193               
 Hire Date: 04/01/YY    Home Department: 160000  PATHOLOGY AND LAB MEDICINE     
 The following change to Labor Relations information has been recorded.        
                               Previous                   Current              
  Empl Rel Code:                                      E -Not Confidential      
  Empl Rep. Code:                                     C -Covered               
  Empl Unit Code:                                     CX-AFSCME Clerical       
  Empl Spcl Handling Code:                                                     
  Empl Dist Unit Code:                                                         
 -----------------------------------< BENE >-----------------------------------
 Employee Name: FRANK N STEIN               ID Number: 602672193                 
 The following enrollment, change, or cancellation information has been        
*ASSIGNED BELI: 1  Derived BELI: 1 BELI Eff Date: 04/01/YY Hire Date: 04/01/YY 
 BELI Status Qualifier Code 1:    Eff Date:          2:    Eff Date:          
*Medical Plan : Core Medical       Cov Eff Date: 04/01/YY  Cov Level: One Party
*Dental Plan :  Delta Dental       Cov Eff Date: 04/01/YY  Cov Level: One Party
*Optical Plan : Vision Care        Cov Eff Date: 04/01/YY  Cov Level: One Party
 Legal Plan :   <none>             Cov Eff Date:           Cov Level:         
 Medical Plan Opt Out:      Dental Plan Opt Out:      Optical Plan Opt Out:   
 Employee Paid Life: <none>       Salary Base:          Cov. Eff Date:        
 Dependent Life:  <none>                                Cov. Eff Date:        
 Employee Paid Disability:     Days  Salary Base:       Cov. Eff Date:        
 AD&D Plan: <none>               Principal Sum:         Cov. Eff Date:        
 TIP Code:                                                                    
 Executive Life Change Code:     Change Eff Date:                             
 Dependent Care Deduction: 

Note:  Changes to appointments and distributions are flagged by plus and minus signs that are displayed in the left margin of the ASAP notice.  A plus (+) associated with an appointment or distribution line indicates the new information that has been added.  A minus (-) associated with an appointment or distribution line indicates the old information that has been deleted.  The signs are intended to make it a little easier for reviewers to identify changes to appointments and distributions on ASAP notices.

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