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A guide for departments to use when adding or changing employee records on the Employee Data Base (EDB).
The EDB Manual is designed to assist in the use of the Online EDB Entry/Update System and is intended for individuals who are already functionally knowledgeable in Personnel and Payroll policies. Section A is focused primarily on navigation and features of the system. The subsequent sections of the manual guide the user through the process of entering various personnel actions such as the initial academic appointment, staff new hire, staff rehire, and employee separation. These sections are also provided to serve as reminders to the user of some, but not all, staff, academic, benefit, and general University policies which must be considered and applied before processing actions on-line.  Links to the various sections of the manual and reference information and an overview of the EDB Entry/Update system are provided below. 
A.  SYSTEM FEATURES More information
 A01. Screens
 A02. Navigation
 A03. Entering Data
 A04. System Messages
 A05. Help
 A08. Glossary
 A09. Navigational Messages
 A10. Entry Screen Messages
 A11. Message Severity
 A12. Screen Samples
 A13. Bundles (Personnel Actions)
B.  GENERAL INFORMATION More information
 B01. Appointments and Distributions
 B02. Citizenship Status
 B03. Tax Status
 B04. Check Disposition
 B05. Employee Identification (EEID)
 B06. Address & Personal Data (EADD/EPD1)
 B07. Work Study Information
 B08. Summer Sessions
 B09. Intercampus Transfers
 B10. Required Forms
 B11. New Hires & Required Forms
 B12. Separations
 B13. START Program
C.    ACADEMIC ACTIONS More information
 C01. Introduction
 C02. Appointment Process
 C03. Reappointment (No Break)
 C04. Rehire/Reemployment (With Break)
 C05. Merit Increases
 C06. Promotions
 C07. Sabbaticals & Leaves with Pay
 C08. Leaves Without Pay
 C09. Separation
 C10. Single Screens
 C11. Miscellaneous Charts
D.   STAFF ACTIONS More information
 D01. Introduction
 D02. Staff New Hire
 D03. SREH - Staff Rehire
 D04. SPRO - Staff Promotion
 D05. CASU - Limited (Casual) to Career
 D06. ADDL - Additional Employment
 D07. SRNW - Staff Renewal/Reappointment
 D08. SMRT - Staff Merit
 D09. LOAB - Leave of Absence
 D10. SEPR - Separation Bundle
 D11. EAWD - Awards Data
 D12. Other Personnel Actions
 D13. Leave Accrual Codes
 D14. Employee Relations Codes
 D15. Probationary Periods
 D16. Salary Review Dates & Types
 D17. Other Staff Forms
E.  BENEFITS More information
 E01. Introduction
 E02. Retirement
 E03. Retirement Savings Program
 E04. Insurance Eligibility
 E05. Health & Welfare Benefits
 E06. Dependent Data
 E07. HIPAA & Consolidated Billing
 E08. Flexible Spending & TIP
F.  LINKS & REFERENCE More information
 Academic Apprentice Publications
 Direct Deposit (Surepay) Bank Table
 Document Direct-RDS
 DOS Codes
 Field/Screen Cross Reference
 Hotline Phone Numbers
 I-9 Overview
 List of Charts
 Licenses & Certificates
 Payroll Staff Directory
 Personnel Action Codes
 PPS Schedule
 Specialty Codes
This manual is not intended as a stand-alone training document. Users who will be entering data through the use of On-Line EDB Entry/Update must also attend training sessions which will provide policy information and experience in use of the system.
Online EDB Entry/Update System Overview

The On-line EDB Entry/Update System is one of several tools provided to departments to enable them to efficiently process personnel and payroll information. The system provides campus users with a mechanism to add and change employee data online, as well as the ability to edit and update the entered data immediately. Access is provided through the use of specially designed menu, list, entry, and message screens. In addition, special Help screens are available to provide information on screen content and on specific data elements. By using function keys and entering selection criteria, the user can navigate to the desired screen(s), enter or change data on the screen(s), and submit the entered data to the edit and update process.

Note: You may come across a printed version of this manual in your office or department. This on-line version has been updated substantially since the printed manual was last produced and it reflects current policies and procedures. Any remaining copies of the printed version of the manual are obsolete and should be discarded.

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